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♫ Wings to fly

Nobody told me that you really exist. 
My heart longed to be close to you and to be kissed.
Searching for closeness and love I hurt myself.
Depressed on the floor and done with the world, I got up I heard your bell.

There in the depths of the forest I met you.
Wanted to come earlier but I couldn't find my shoes.
The way was difficult, because the world stuck to my soles.
Confused identity in all my roles, many big holes in my soul.

I saw you there, in that hemisphere, wanted to be one with that guy.
I felt your body shaking and I thought God don't be shy.
You came to me I couldn't flee. You gave me wings to fly.
United I was yours and you were mine.

I was sitting on the stairs when your eyes fell on me.
Your heat rose hard, you just wanna be with me.
My mirror of your love was what you wanted to see.
You will never resist this magic glow, every time I will get your seed.

In the clearing of the forest you are waiting for me.
Every time I come I feel your strong living tree.
You never let me down when I exposed myself.
So i could fly you gave me wings. Together wie flew away.

Lyrics & Music Benny Haas 06/2022

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